Together we can make a better web. For start, let's build the manifest of ten cool and short rules and promote it. Click on the "Agree" link for the rules you like best:

  1. Exploiting search engine imperfection is not a business model. (585) Agree!
  2. Web forms were made for humans. Don't let robots do the talk. (478) Agree!
  3. Don't steal other people's identities or act as someone you're not. (455) Agree!
  4. Don't let your ads tell more than your content. (412) Agree!
  5. Don't be an expert on a field you have no clue about. (401) Agree!
  6. Don't hurt the web. Use open standards. (380) Agree!
  7. Every piece of content belongs to someone. Respect that. (369) Agree!
  8. Add value. Make web a better place. (368) Agree!
  9. Use links for honest personal recommendation only. Don't trade them. (354) Agree!


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Additional rules sorted by Popularity • Recency
  • Don't use tables (use CSS instead), we're not in 20th century anymore. (13) Agree!
  • After you finish coding your website use a W3C validator (both, XTML and CSS one) to validate it. (10) Agree!
  • Write websites that are browser independent. (22) Agree!
  • make user friendly content (11) Agree!
  • Kill the Flash, pray the Functionality. (17) Agree!
  • Don't send hoax. (23) Agree!
  • Use Google. (36) Agree!
  • Embed less, tell more. (20) Agree!
  • Thou Shalt not use MySpace. (22) Agree!
  • Erase half of the blogs. (19) Agree!
  • Give the world a piece of art, not flashy material to make. (10) Agree!
  • Edit! Short is sweet. (93) Agree!
  • Game theory says ... Let it be, and it will, there is no way to force quality, (5) Agree!
  • Be a proffesional... not a wannabe! (39) Agree!
  • Don't trade links! (14) Agree!
  • Present your content without forgetting that all of your site's visitors do not use the same browser - they are not all native speakers of your primary language - and some of them are disabled. (17) Agree!
  • Don't break user expectations. Radio buttons are not action buttons, links should be underlined, etc. (13) Agree!
  • Pollution is different things to different people... Define polution before you attack it. (7) Agree!
  • Stop using Comic Sans MS. (156) Agree!
  • Making content comes first. Making profit only comes next. (60) Agree!
  • Never use the word "leverage" again. Ever. (15) Agree!
  • Do not think that you are a good web designer/developer because you bought DreamWeaver. (133) Agree!
  • Ads with forced audio are obnoxious. (266) Agree!
  • Sex sells only to a degree. Smutty ads just make you look dirty. (96) Agree!
  • Think. (203) Agree!
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