Together we can make a better web. For start, let's build the manifest of ten cool and short rules and promote it. Click on the "Agree" link for the rules you like best:

  1. Exploiting search engine imperfection is not a business model. (585) Agree!
  2. Web forms were made for humans. Don't let robots do the talk. (478) Agree!
  3. Don't steal other people's identities or act as someone you're not. (455) Agree!
  4. Don't let your ads tell more than your content. (412) Agree!
  5. Don't be an expert on a field you have no clue about. (401) Agree!
  6. Don't hurt the web. Use open standards. (380) Agree!
  7. Every piece of content belongs to someone. Respect that. (369) Agree!
  8. Add value. Make web a better place. (368) Agree!
  9. Use links for honest personal recommendation only. Don't trade them. (354) Agree!


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Additional rules sorted by Popularity • Recency
  • Sites are more attractive and will be more regarded.. when NOT littered with ads (6) Agree!
  • Bottom line.. on the web.. as in everywhere else in life.. do onto others as you would have them do onto you (4) Agree!
  • the cat pictures are ok, but spell the words right! it is NOT cute. (3) Agree!
  • Love one another, Love God. (4) Agree!
  • stop polluting (5) Agree!
  • Cutting-edge is not always pragmatic, or necessary, or best suited to the content. (3) Agree!
  • Disable costum made designs on MySpace (6) Agree!
  • Don't use Flash. (14) Agree!
  • If you see year 2008 in the calendar, don't use old techniques for building web. Live in the present. (4) Agree!
  • Don't pay any mind to websites that create asinine lists describing how you too can become a better person in accordance with the prophesies of the masses. (8) Agree!
  • Banish cats. (3) Agree!
  • If you are a web designer, you should have SOME concept of html. (10) Agree!
  • Blogging just because you can doesn' t mean you should, but those that don't care to read blogs of bloggers who blog because they want to don't have to (8) Agree!
  • Where agree is an option, so should be disagree. (11) Agree!
  • Use your brain, think before you tell, google before you ask. (22) Agree!
  • Press the "This is spam" button whenever you see spam. It's a small click for a user but a big thing for the web. (20) Agree!
  • Kill your well paid ads that cover the content. Or your visitors will go away for good. (11) Agree!
  • Don't imitate - innovate! (27) Agree!
  • stop this stupid website (12) Agree!
  • Don't register domains if the only reason is polluting them with ads! (30) Agree!
  • Do not put any advertisement on your personal web or blog (10) Agree!
  • The use of blinking and/or scrolling text (or any other such animated stuff/element) causes one's eyes to hurt. (13) Agree!
  • If you're not sure something is worth mentioning (e.g. worth blogging about), it most probably isn't so don't do it! (9) Agree!
  • Content is the king, while double-content is a whore! (11) Agree!
  • Follow the various web standards (e.g. only links underlined etc.) whenever possible! (11) Agree!
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