Together we can make a better web. For start, let's build the manifest of ten cool and short rules and promote it. Click on the "Agree" link for the rules you like best:

  1. Web forms were made for humans. Don't let robots do the talk. (469) Agree!
  2. Don't steal other people's identities or act as someone you're not. (447) Agree!
  3. Don't let your ads tell more than your content. (405) Agree!
  4. Don't be an expert on a field you have no clue about. (392) Agree!
  5. Exploiting search engine imperfection is not a business model. (372) Agree!
  6. Every piece of content belongs to someone. Respect that. (361) Agree!
  7. Add value. Make web a better place. (361) Agree!
  8. Use links for honest personal recommendation only. Don't trade them. (347) Agree!
  9. Praising products because of the affiliate fee won't make you rich. (289) Agree!


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Additional rules sorted by Popularity • Recency
  • IE unfriendly blog (4) Agree!
  • Dont abuse each other(religion,country,ethnicity,gender) in the discussion or chat. (4) Agree!
  • Don't send naked pictures of yourself to your girlfriend from work. (4) Agree!
  • run your webserver with green energy only. (4) Agree!
  • your a dick (4) Agree!
  • If you see year 2008 in the calendar, don't use old techniques for building web. Live in the present. (4) Agree!
  • To solve a solution, stop pollution (4) Agree!
  • Stop watching 3min free porn samples... go out and get the real thing! (4) Agree!
  • Stop hatin' (3) Agree!
  • Don't generate content automatically for teh sake of advertising next to it. Write stuff. (3) Agree!
  • Uhhhh (3) Agree!
  • Web is international. Don't publish sites only in english. (3) Agree!
  • Praise the LORD! (3) Agree!
  • Get up and leave your computer for a day (3) Agree!
  • Cutting-edge is not always pragmatic, or necessary, or best suited to the content. (3) Agree!
  • Don't pretend to be a web designer (3) Agree!
  • If you have a great idea, share it with us. (3) Agree!
  • Avoid using CTRL-C and CTRL-V (3) Agree!
  • Internet Pirates, or Internet Freedom Fighters? (3) Agree!
  • Stay away from Facebook. (3) Agree!
  • Die (3) Agree!
  • Banish cats. (3) Agree!
  • the cat pictures are ok, but spell the words right! it is NOT cute. (3) Agree!
  • 10 activities we can do/not do to help our Earth (3) Agree!
  • STOP Web Pollution using SOCIAL MEDIA. Pics, Gifs and links (2) Agree!
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