Together we can make a better web. For start, let's build the manifest of ten cool and short rules and promote it. Click on the "Agree" link for the rules you like best:

  1. Exploiting search engine imperfection is not a business model. (585) Agree!
  2. Web forms were made for humans. Don't let robots do the talk. (478) Agree!
  3. Don't steal other people's identities or act as someone you're not. (455) Agree!
  4. Don't let your ads tell more than your content. (412) Agree!
  5. Don't be an expert on a field you have no clue about. (401) Agree!
  6. Don't hurt the web. Use open standards. (380) Agree!
  7. Every piece of content belongs to someone. Respect that. (369) Agree!
  8. Add value. Make web a better place. (368) Agree!
  9. Use links for honest personal recommendation only. Don't trade them. (354) Agree!


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  • The responsibility also lies with the user. Keep your comments relevant and respectful. Not everything is photoshopped! Suprisingly some interesting events do take place and photographs are then taken of said events. (14) Agree!
  • Don't trade links! (14) Agree!
  • Don't use Flash. (14) Agree!
  • Don't break user expectations. Radio buttons are not action buttons, links should be underlined, etc. (13) Agree!
  • Don't use tables (use CSS instead), we're not in 20th century anymore. (13) Agree!
  • The use of blinking and/or scrolling text (or any other such animated stuff/element) causes one's eyes to hurt. (13) Agree!
  • Stop flaming message boards and blog comments. Can't we all just get along? (13) Agree!
  • Give the world a piece of art, not flashy material to make money. (12) Agree!
  • I wish I were the smartest nobody here already. (12) Agree!
  • Seek the truth, it is out there if you want to find it. (12) Agree!
  • We dont care what your cats name is, or what cute picture your 4 year old drew, make your website or posts relevent to the public. (12) Agree!
  • stop this stupid website (12) Agree!
  • Content is the king, while double-content is a whore! (11) Agree!
  • Where agree is an option, so should be disagree. (11) Agree!
  • make user friendly content (11) Agree!
  • Follow the various web standards (e.g. only links underlined etc.) whenever possible! (11) Agree!
  • Kill your well paid ads that cover the content. Or your visitors will go away for good. (11) Agree!
  • Give the world a piece of art, not flashy material to make. (10) Agree!
  • If you are a web designer, you should have SOME concept of html. (10) Agree!
  • Be honest to your goals. (10) Agree!
  • Content is more important than everything else! (10) Agree!
  • After you finish coding your website use a W3C validator (both, XTML and CSS one) to validate it. (10) Agree!
  • Do not put any advertisement on your personal web or blog (10) Agree!
  • Don't grab every good domain name to put lousy generic catch pages on it. If you don't have real content on your site, your domain should be revoked! (9) Agree!
  • More you spam more you earn so fuck the pollulution and let's SPAM. (9) Agree!
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